PLATFORM Pay for Performance.

Taking your invoicing and credit managment to the next level is something we do by
(hyper)personalizing the invoicing and collection cycles with help from Artificial Intelligence.

The credit management platform by Risolto
Maximum results in credit management, with the help of AI

Oganizing your credit management comes with the necessary challenges. To keep your company perfectly healthy, you want to be assured of an optimal cashflow.

You want to avoid late payments, while maintaining the relationship with your customers. But how do you find the right balance?

Client focus
Credit management platform

Each customer is different. And a one-size-fits-allapproach often doesn't give you the results you had hoped for. The credit management platform by Risolto helps you with this problem.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, you develop an approach tailored to every single customer - with a noticable improvement of timely payments and customer relations.

Control from the first step until the last

With this credit management platform you manage your entire invoicing cycle, from sending invoices to collecting them timely and correctly. For the follow up after this cycle, you can also count on Risolto. With our outsourcing-service which follows up payments which are late in an ethical way.

The optimization of your cashflow starts at the sending of your invoice. Through a preventive approach in credit management we do our absolute best to make sure that the invoices simply don't expire.

Credit management platform
how does it work?

The Risolto-platform takes all the actions in the invoicing process. From the moment the invoice is posted in the system Risolto does the entire follow up. To do so we use some unique principals which maximize your ROI and cut your costs.

1. Digital first

By choosing for a fully digital platform, we choose for lower costs for sending through post and a simplified administrative follow up.

2. Hyper-personalized

Your credit management will be tailored to the individual profile of each customer. That's why we use the invoicing channels that work the best for every customer. Your 26 year old customer loves to be reminded through text messages, while your 76 year old client probably rather receives a letter or a phone call.

3. Driven by data and AI

By using data-analysis we determine which approach works best. We look at which follow up method is the best for your customer by looking at the behaviour of that person. That way we decide the optimal invoicing channel, the right time to communicate and the tone we use to communicate with this client.

4. Scientifically proven techniques.

Based on client friendly "nudging"-techniques we provide a communication and invoicing approach made to measures, which moves the customer in the direction of a correct and timely payment of the invoice.

5. A lot of possibilities

The Risolto-platform uses different invoicing possibilities. The communication concerning the invoice can be executed by e-mail, telephone, post and text messages. But also other - even your own- channels can be integrated with our platform.

with results

The main purpose of the credit management platform by Risolto is clear:

  • Increase the number of correct and timely payments.
  • Make stronger connections with your customers
  • Lower your administrative costs
  • Optimize your working capital and cashflow

Do you want to experience how the platform improves your credit management significantly? Contact us!


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