Digital Maturity Assessment: Build credit management that fits your company with ultimate ROI

Digital Maturity Assessment:
an all-inclusive analysis for a strategic vision on credit management

The organization of your credit management is not something you can do in just one day. At least, not if you choose for a customer centric approach that fits your company - with positive impact on your cashflow.

Successful creditmanagement requires a holistic and intelligent approach. This is only possible when a well thought out strategy is in place which is based on accurate information.

Invoicing management

By designing a steady strategy, you organise your approach for credit management that is simple tailored to the needs of your company and clients.

The starting point: an in depth questionnaire about your goals. But also an analysis of your current business processes and touchpoints with your clients. This is necessary to build a solution that supports your invoicing cycle to the fullest.

Digital Maturity Assessment:
the first step towards an integral credit management

The Digital Maturity Assessment at Risolto helps you to create a credit managent strategy which organises your invoicing cycle as efficiently as possible, based on the profile of every individual client.

With the right approach you can use your credit management as a customer binding tool, while the share of timely paid invoices rises significantly. You are able to guide the invoicing process of your client in such a way it becomes a win-win for both parties. Even in the case of reminders.

Debtor management
tailored to your client

The Digital Maturity Assessment does not look at your invoicing as an island between your business processes, but as the final stage of the entire customer journey.

That is why it is crucial to collect all relevant information. Not only information about your company, but also about all the different touchpoints with clients within different departments.

fit to the cusomter

During a Digital Maturity Assessment we analyze the different aspects of your company together:

  • We look at the structure of your organization and discuss which approach for credit management is the most efficiënt. We analyze your financial workflows and administration, which allows us to develop the most effective approach for your credit management.

    Which processes can be improved? How do we increase efficiency and enhance your customer centricity by means of digitalization? We integrate all the points of improvement into your custom built solution.

  • We approach your marketing and sales departments. They possess essential information to build a customer centric approach of your credit management.

  • The input of your IT department is also required. Your credit management has to function on top of all other technical systems and the right information must be retrieved. From your incoming administration up till the eventual invoicing.

a Digital Maturity Assessment

The information gained with the Digital Maturity Assessment helps you to create a solution which is fully tailored to your specific invoicing and collection process.

By personalising your credit management for your company and clients, you enhance customer binding and increase the number of timely paid invoices.

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