Outsourcing: collection of invoices the human and effective approach of Risolto

Outsourcing for collection of invoices:
the best result with a customer centric approach

Overdue or incorrectly paid invoices can have a large impact on your company. By outsourcing the collection of invoices, you protect the cashflow of your business.

When you get no reaction on reminders and overdue invoices keep piling up you should consider thinking about the next steps. In that case outsourcing is a good idea.

Outsourcing the collection of invoices:

Outsourcing the collection of invoices takes place as the last step in your debtor management, after all the other possibilities have been tried.

When clients do not pay nor dispute the invoice, Risolto takes the right actions - tailored to the client, with result for your company and with focus on your client relationship.

Progressive approach
of invoice collection

Within this final step in your credit management, we investigate what the best approach would be for every specific client. We start communicating cooperative and solution oriented, and think along with the client to provide multiple solutions for them.

We seek to get insight in their situation. That way we can reach results in a human way : the collection of the due amount within the shortest term possible.

Collection of invoices
as a part of the customer journey

Risolto uses the unique tone-of-voice of your company as a base for our approach. We are the extension of your brand identity and contact people on behalf of your company.

We adapt to your corporate culture and address clients with the same voice which is used in your other marketing and communication channels. We communicate in an easy and accessible way. This means the collection of invoices happens in a company compliant way.

Ethical collection:
an engagement to society and your customer

Is it necessary that at the end of the process the collection requires a legal service or bailiff? In that case we also assure a human approach. We work with partners who possess a EVI-certificate for ethically responsible collection.

These partners always communicate in a human way and ensure short communication lines with Risolto and your company. They offer advice about the optimal approach and next steps in the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
Risolto attains optimal results with respect for everyone

Risolto does not only help you ensure cashflow, collect invoices and optimise your credit management in a customer centric way...

By working with us, you can be certain that your credit management happens in a responsible way. You avoid all the paperwork and the costs that come with it, while collecting invoices in an socially responsible way.

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