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Client Experience

The shortest way to a happy customer.

The Risolto Platform maximises client experience in three simple steps. Our AI creates a custom workflow for each debtor, based on our database with custom templates. We also select channels we know will work for your clients. Your invoices are thus both efficiënt and effective.



Risolto believes that the right message at the right time, with the right channel has aclear impact on the payment behaviour of your clients. Use our proven standard templates or pick from our collection of custom templates. Design, language and tone-of-voice are made to measure for your company & clients. This allows your invoices to further improve your brand identity & client experience.



Every client is unique.  Our Risolto AI learns from the payment behaviour of your clients and automates the follow up where and when you wish. For each debtor, a custom and optimal communication flow is created. With a simple click, you decide where to automate and where you prefer a personal human touch. Based on predetermined actions, we create for each debtor a custom workflowand template, via a preferred channel, at the right time.



Multi Channel

Risolto Platform uses multiple communication channels such as letters, e-mail, text messages and phone calls to communicate with your clients in an individual and personalised way. This makes your interaction with clients efficient & to-the-point. Registered mail is possible as well. Finally, there is a cost advantage by motivating your clients to opt for digital communication instead of mail. 


Some of our connections.

Our connections are always custom built. This ensures Risolto will be a lasting investment, even when your accounting software should change.

Contact our team if you have any more questions about connecting to Risolto.