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Risolto takes care of your entire invoicing process and credit management. Proactively, personally and in an integrated way. Goodbye endless paperwork and unpaid invoices. Hello Risolto!

Digital Maturity Assessment

To fully optimize your invoicing and collection processes, you need to know where the obstacles lie. An in depth analysis by our experts provides the knowledge and insights you need to further improve your processes.

Risolto Platform

The Risolto platform unburdens you completely! We automate and personalise your invoicing and collection process. Swiftly paid invoices and happy customers!


We follow up on your invoices on behalf of your company. Ethically responsible and with transparant feedback. Discover how we can collect your overdue invoices. 


Say goodbye to endless paperwork for invoicing, payment follow up and reminders. The loss of customers due to lack of customer experience is in the past! Here is Risolto, data-driven software and services which make your invoicing and credit management processes more cost efficient, durable and effective. From e-invoicing to payment, with a human touch of course. Your unburdening with focus on an optimal cashflow. 

Ready for 'more than credit'?

They have gone before you!

Less headaches, and yet getting your customers to pay faster. On top of that an increase in cost efficiency, durability and effectiveness? That is our mission at Risolto. We strongly believe in a durable partnership, on a technical level, but also on a human level with organisation, big or small. Discover what some of our clients have to say about our partnership.

So Risolto...

An all-in-one solution - integrated platform and services- we are the ideal, supporting solution for invoicing and follow up of your payments for big and small companies. With our years of experience we decided to develop an innovative tool to optimize your proces cycle. Driven by technology, data, services and consultancy, we create an unforgettable experience for you and your customers.

"The go-to-partner for the CEO, CFO, Credit manager, Billing and collections manager, in-house accountant and SME."

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With software and services, Risolto covers your entire invoicing and credit management process. Pro-actively, personally and fully integrated. Your unburdening with focus on an optimal cashflow.

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Risolto Smartbase

Where human experience comes together

We help with software and services.

Platform as a Service, that is the core your and our success. Every tool is only as good as the extent to which it can be used. Risolto is your human backup. Because behind our software, sits a team of passionate experts who know what businesses need financially and how the ideal customer follow up needs to happen, from invoicing up to collection.

Let Risolto unburden you!

  • 1 partner, 1 tool, 1 all-in-one solution
  • No long and complex IT-integrations
  • Boost your customer experience and their payment behaviour
  • Pay-for-perfomance business model
  • Save costs, work efficient, improve your cashflow, save more time for your customers

"You pay for what you use. The transactions cost what your organisation costs today. Risolto will only benefit from them if we can improve your customer's payment behaviour, without neglecting the customer experience."


Risolto is proud to be supported by the imec.istart program.