Risolto takes care of

Time gain

Your team will get the most out of its unique skills, thanks to Risolto.

The Risolto Platform takes over repetitive tasks - with your approval - so your team can focus its unique skills on topics where they truly make a difference. This is possible because of our AI, the research & use of events and smart use of automation. Smart automation de-stresses both your team and your clients.


Smart automation

Classical automation has existed for quite some time. Actions are collected and are often send out in 1 single monster batch. This certainly is efficient for the sender, but causes stress and a bottle neck for the communications team. They suddenly have to respond to a tidal wave of replies, often within a limited time frame, which causes stress, disorder and often leaves room for typos or accidents. 
Risolto Platform uses several techniques for smart automation. Outbound communication & used channels are much more spread out over a period of time, so your team has the opportunity to engage with your clients at a comfortable pace and give them the time & attention they deserve.
Last, but not least, Risolto Platform communicates between different channels (e-mail, text message...). No more need to play supervisor or translator between formats: Your services communicate in a clear and simple fashion.




Risolto Platform uses "events" to determine when which action is activated & carried out.In its simplest form, an example could be the expiration date of an invoice.

You know your clients well. You also know, from experience, they pay faster depending on certain factors, such as after a periode of sunny days. Risolto keeps track of these type of events, and uses them to automate specific actions in the platform.

A final cherry on top: our AI algorithm is able to separate your clients into different categories with a corresponding label, which allows for a more effective communication.  



Artificial Intelligence

Risolto is supported by a firm layer of Artificial Intelligence.This allows us to analyse payment behaviourand to create communication strategies based on said payment behaviour. These actions are executed with the aid of smart automation.


Some of our connections.

Our connections are always custom built. This ensures Risolto will be a lasting investment, even when your accounting software should change.

Contact our team if you have any more questions about connecting to Risolto.