Start today

with your customised, variable & dynamic debtor management.

Risolto offers various start-up options, depending on the size of your company, the complexity of your data, existing connections & budget.


With minimal data input

Three essential questions in order for Risolto to quickstart your debtor management: 

How will the data be delivered?

This can be easily done by uploading an Excel or .csv file. Every accounting or invoicing package can export an ageing balance.

What data?

For a simplified start-up, Risolto only needs a minimum set of data. Customer data, billing communication & outstanding balance.

Which processes?

Does your company only need a specific aspect of the communication or follow-up process? Would you like to compose your own trajectory or do you opt for the complete trajectory?

Variable &

Every company has its fixed processes, specific needs and exceptions. We tailor Risolto to the unique processes of your business. In the future, we can also scale Risolto to suit your business. We ensure that your team is familiar with the new software as soon as possible. We start with small steps, so that everyone is on board.

Guidance & feedback

Customised for your team.

The challenge with digital change is often to get your team familiar with the new software as quickly as possible. To this end, we provide extensive guidance and help you think things through. Risolto also sees an opportunity here: thanks to our follow-up interviews, we also collect the necessary input from your team to gear Risolto even better to the needs of your company and team.


Our Risolto Advisors will provide a good handhold and give your team the necessary training to get off to a smooth start. Does your team have questions? Ask our people directly.


In addition, our Advisors also follow up on your files - if there are issues that your team can simplify, they provide more information about that as well.

Monthly callback

We provide regular contact moments with your financial team. The frequency of these is decided in consultation with your team. 

Integration with your existing software.

Some of our connections.

Integration is always made to measure.
This ensures that Risolto remains usable even if your other software changes.

Ready for Risolto?

Our Platform Advisors will be happy to work with you to best meet the needs of your business or enterprise. Contact us for a meeting or more information.