Risolto takes care of


Risolto Platform is the glue between your existing software & programs.

Risolto Platform functions as an orchestration tool between different software. We provide a centralised control centre, with a complete overview. Our multichannel bounce management ensures the swift and smooth communication between software. Orchestration also lends itself to better management. The collected insights on communicationchannels & systems are used to generate automated actions. Orchestrations thus provides both overview & action. 


Bounce management

Efficient communication is impossible without a proper bounce management system. Should one communication channel fail, Risolto will select another channel to continue the conversation. Your can rest easy: your message will be delivered correctly and your information network is bulletproof. Risolto also provides an overview of executed communications & whether or when your client received & read them.


Smart connector

Risolto Platform functions as a connector between software. This allows us to exchange crucial information between software programs. Not only does this lead to a functioning bounce management, it also improves efficiency: no more need to put the same set of data in twice.

Besides providing connection, we also take care of throttling between your communications. Big batches of e-mails, text messages & phone calls are paced, so your team can process the return at their own pace. This avoids crowding in the communication department.



Global management

All data collected in one easy-to-work-with overview. No more need to jump from software to software, from account to account. Risolto collects all relevant information & data in one manageable overview. Risolto allows you to manage different software from one central overview: faster, easier and more accessible.
Risolto provides nog only an overview, but also a global management tool. Risolto collects all insights regarding communications & systems and uses them to create automated actions. Orchestration thus creates both insight and action.


Some of our connections.

Our connections are always custom built. This ensures Risolto will be a lasting investment, even when your accounting software should change.

Contact our team if you have any more questions about connecting to Risolto.