Risolto Collect+

When the reminder doesn't work anymore, Risolto Collect+ comes to the rescue. Our collection partners, gathered under the label of 'Risolto Collect+', are selected with care. They guarantee a transparant and custom approach.

Risolto Collect+ focuses on efficiënt & amicable collection, by use of clear communication & multiple channels (letter, e-mail, text message, phone call...). Should this approach not yield the desired result, our partners offer a solvency investigation. After this investigation, judical steps can be taken.

Risolto Collect+ is the perfect addition to Risolto Platform, but is also offered as a stand-alone software, together with your existing accountancy software. Contact our Risolto Collect+ Advisors for some more advice tailored for your company!


Amicable procedure

Collect+ first starts the amicable procedure. By use of different communication channels, we try and motivate your clients to pay.

In the client friendly phase of collection, we avoid use of a court procedure and instead focus on multiple channels (E-mail, letters, text message & phone calls) to convince your clients to pay.

An amicable procedure avoids extra costs for your customers, and allows for easier contact. We also offer payment links for easy access to payment options.


Juridical procedure

Should the amicable procedure not result in a desired outcome, there is still the option of a juridical procedure. Collect+ offers this after a (included) solvency investigation and advises you on your options.

If an amicable procedure doens't yield the desired result, a solvency investigation is held to determine the situation of the debtor, and the best next step (in a juridical procedure).

Once the solvency investigation is concluded, the next step is often a court procedure. In some cases though, a Belgian Payment Order is also possible. The juridical procedure for this option is shorter & less complex. Our Risolto Collect+ Advisors will gladly answer all of your questions.

Isn't all of this

Collection is often the subject of the wildest tales. In reality, your own risk is pretty contained. Our Risolto Collect+ Partners try collect any costs made on the side of the debtor, by means of damage clauses & interests that are specified on the invoices themselves. The rates of juridical procedures specified by law, but you'll never be asked to pay these without prior notification & agreement.

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