With our years of experience we developed an innovative tool to optimize your process cycle. Driven by technology, data, services and consultancy. 

as a service

An all-in-one solution - integrated platform and services- we are the ideal, supporting solution for invoicing and follow up of your payments for big and small companies. With our years of experience we decided to develop an innovative tool to optimize your proces cycle. Driven by technology, data, services and consultancy, we create an unforgettable experience for you and your customers.

With our years of experience we developed an innovative tool to optimize your process cycle. Driven by technology, data, services and consultancy. A question of diminishing working capital and a guaranteed better customer experience.

From e-invoicing
up to payment

Less repetitive tasks and mistakes thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Anomaly Detection and other 'human' micro-services. The risk of an unpaid invoice completely disappears. You take the formula that fits your specific needs.

Risk Management
A continuous analysis of payment behaviour and customer experience, in combination with external data, results in a thorough risk management for badly paying customers.

Electronic communication is the first condition to (digitally) personalize. Other advantages are: cost savings, less paperwork, more time for your customers.

Easy payment

Give your clients an unforgettable and personalised payment experience. Through quick and safe payment links, you will make it easier for them to pay the invoices timely and correctly.


For the reconciliation of the payments, Risolto offers an online and near realtime processing. That way you avoid redundant actions or communications and you keep the customer experience at an optimal level.

Credit Management

Internal dynamic and personalised digital follow up of the invoices and payments, with focus on user experience. Risolto analyzes and influences the payment behaviour of your customers.


When needed, you can use an external collection partner. Thanks to Risolto and the thorough monitoring of customers and payment behaviour, these external partners will be used on the right time- not too early and never too late- with an optimal ROI advice included.


We are far from done. We also provide you with support, consultancy and training on top of our technology and data.


Risolto will support you with the implementation of this dynamic credit management through which your customers pay their invoices timely and correctly. After a thorough audit, you will get a concrete implementation plan you can use to get started with.


Late and unpaid invoices require a more strict approach. In every phase of the process you can source the work out to us: we follow up in your name, organise external amicable follow up and when needed we take legal measures.


Looking for 1 partner with 1 solution, which unburdens you completely?