Your benefit in figures.

We illustrate the benefits of Risolto with these numbers. Discover how we optimise your debt & invoice process and what's in it for your company & clients. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Contact us for an interview!

receivables management 34%

reduction in DSO for our users in the last 3 months.

receivables management 43%

reduction of the cost price for the billing & reminder process over the last 3 months.

receivables management 35%

of slow payers pay for the first reminder thanks to SMS!

receivables management 40%

fewer files sent to
the court bailiff thanks to

debiteurenbeheer 70%

of payment plans are completed via Risolto without any additional follow-up.

debiteurenbeheer 79%

digital communication among our users, thanks to Risolto Platform.

Going through together?

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